As a trained hypnotherapist and hypno-analyst, Barbara knows about pain and its management.
She worked in the NHS in the 1970s and “was horrified at all the addictive drugs being prescribed.” As a result, she undertook a long quest to “discover other ways of working with and managing pain naturally,” culminating in her full-time career as a counsellor, including helping addicts. Her training in pain management was partly as a result of her own diagnosis, aged 28, of arthritis of the hip, spine, and pelvis. Her condition meant she had to endure regular treatment. “I spent the rest of my life being treated by chiropractors and osteopaths fortnightly. I also attended chronic pain clinics; they prescribed me highly addictive painkillers.”
It was decades after her initial diagnosis. “I discovered it purely by accident. I had gone with the firm intention of not buying anything. On the day, my left hip and knee were agony, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to get around, when I was offered the chance to try out the FlowRelief Therapy System. I did, along with my friend. I said that I’d have to think about it, and when I walked away I was astounded because the pain in my knee had disappeared (and remained that way all day). The hamstring had completely relaxed. My back, hip, shoulder, and neck, plus the arthritis in my hands and feet seemed to have reduced to a point that they were unnoticeable.”
But it was her friend’s reaction that delighted her the most. “I knew that this was something very, very special, particularly when my friend who had also tried it said he felt incredible – revitalised and full of energy. He is usually a total sceptic.
He has liver and circulation problems, which make him forgetful, but after his 15-minute treatment he was full of life all day and his forgetfulness had disappeared. Needless to say, I bought the FlowRelief Therapy System, and every day it is an incredible experience.”
Barbara used to have to rely on various equipment to overcome her condition. “I’ve given away all my many massage chairs, handheld systems, and Shiatsu systems. I’m certain I won’t need them anymore.
The FlowRelief Therapy System does everything I’ll ever need, and I consider it a great investment in my life.”
Her happiness really shows when she describes how much she now looks forward to the future. “I believe that I’ll remain fit and mobile the rest of my life and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren with the help of this system. I can’t thank the makers enough for giving me a much more pain-free, healthy life. I only wish I’d found it years earlier.”
FlowRelief is a specific massage technique that organically produces biological sympathetic vibrations in human and animal tissue. Widespread complaints from conditions such as arthroses, fibromyalgia , hernia can also be relieved by simple application with FlowRelief. After only a few treatments on the system shows a proven improvement in patients.
The FlowRelief procedure is a combination of both infrared deep heat as well as physical vibrations, which cause dilation of blood vessels and thereby improves blood flow to the adjoining tissue.

Mr. Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Washington bought the flowrelief massage system with the a few months ago specifically for Mrs. Washington who suffers from M.S. (a condition of the central nervous system). Mr. Washington explains the effect of the system on his wife after a few months: ‘Using the medical massage system helps by stimulating the muscles and blood flow around her body in particular her legs.’ Stimulating the blood flow not only improves the flexibility of the muscles but also strengthens them. Mr. Washington also stated that he would certainly recommend the system to others.

Mrs. Goode

Mr. and Mrs. Goode have been using the massage system since a few months after they bought the system at an exhibition in April. The reason for purchase was not only for them but also for their severely disabled son. Mrs. Goode gives advice: ‘Make sure the massage bed is easily accessible plus always plugged in – that way you use it every day. It has greatly relieved muscle pain in joints plus improved metabolism and digestion’.

Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Evans visited the flowrelief stand at the 50plus exhibition in the Netherlands together with her husband and after a treatment of 15 minutes they both were ecstatic about the system. This is what she has to say: ‘We have found that using the massage system sometimes daily and then weekly, a great help to my back problems. To have a massage whenever you want is great and very relaxing especially after a hard day at work bliss..I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS MASSAGE SYSTEM TO EVERYONE OLD, YOUNG ill health or healthy…’.


Dear Sirs,
In June I discovered your massage systems, after having two trial sessions I was very impressed and decided to buy a system on the basis that life is nothing without your health and I already had a number of problems.
My system was delivered eight weeks ago today and I am now even more impressed and extremely pleased with it. As I am nearly seventy and have a few structural problems due to riding accidents/ car crash etc. as well as very bad circulation, I was sure that it would be of great benefit to me.
With twenty programs there is something for most problems and I spend on average 15 minutes a day on my machine and it is amazing, but if I overdo the gardening I can pop on again for another session.
I have found the after sales service excellent as I had a couple of teething problems which were addressed immediately by the staff.
I cannot praise this company enough, they have a superb product and very efficient caring staff for whom nothing is too much trouble.


Fiona James, an experienced sports remedial massage therapist has always embraced innovation to meet the needs of her clients.

The technique of light vibration has been used for centuries and has been proven through various medical studies.

” My clients want to improve how they feel and perform, FlowRelief therapy is highly effective and only takes 15 minutes. It works excellently alongside the other therapies I use. “

Feedback from those who use the therapy like the fact that you keep your clothes on and uniquely can be used by anyone in any medical condition (except pregnancy).

With almost 10 million of the population suffering from some form of daily pain there has been a steady growth in people using alternative therapies to manage their quality of life.

As Fiona says: ” FlowRelief will not work for everyone but for the 8/10 it is highly effective.”